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    Our justice system has a problem. Rather than a force for good, for keeping the good people of society safe from the criminal element, it has been tainted. It has been used to oppress the powerless and to keep the powerful safe from retribution. It has been used to invade poor communities and tear their families and communities apart. And, perhaps most insidiously, it has been used to create a massive slave labor force within the US… resulting in a country with 5% of the world population being home to 25% of the world’s incarcerated. One in every four prisoners lives in the land of the free. Most of these people have never been given a fair trial.

    The primary goal of Project Tubman is to create a Public defender AI; an open sourced tool that can be used by public defenders to help them defend their clients. This tool will be designed to take some of the load off of the public defenders who are often tasked with more cases than it is humanly possible to take on.

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