Virtual Legal Justice Hackathon produces helpful technology for parolees, domestic violence survivors, expungement

Last week, Tech for Justice, supported by New Mexico Legal Aid, GitHub, and Cards Against Humanity, hosted our first virtual Legal Justice Hackathon to help develop technology to improve legal justice processes for those who need critical help more efficiently and for those who aim to provide support.


We brought together Nonprofit Advocates, Legal Aid Organizations, Private Lawyers, Technologists, Students, Educators, Activists, Entrepreneurs, and Judges, who came up with innovative and transparent solutions, supporting technologies, and plans for bringing justice to our communities.


The goal: help low-income individuals who need legal support and other resource help for problems such as domestic violence, consumer debt, evictions, foreclosures and access to government benefits, legal aid offices that aim to provide free legal help, but are overburdened by expensive and time consuming grant reporting processes, and legal advocates who aim to find new ways to support these communities.


We had over 60 participants from across the United States, which resulted in 6 projects. These projects included(in alphabetical order): Legal Aid Grants Open Data Standard, Otter (, ProTechMe, Record Bleach,, and Zecureme. won the Innovation Award and helps parolees find resources with less friction.


ProTechMe won the Best Presentation and Most Useful Awards and is an opensource chat bot that collects protective order information quickly and efficiently in Harris County, TX, so the user can take the pdf and present to the district attorney without time consuming guidance. Anyone can come onto the site and have a conversation; demo now.


Record Bleach won the Technical Difficulty award and is a tool that enables Texans to prepare necessary court documents for expunction of certain arrests, charge, and convictions; demo now.


To contribute, build out, and use these tools in your community, please visit our projects list or Slack Community channel and join the conversation.

For all other inquiries, email Christy Leos at