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Justice for You?

Fairness in commerce, law and social interaction seem to be less and less accessible . . . except to the most privileged. Tech For Justice exists to create a growing global reality of human fairness in our dealings with each other as well as the governments and businesses which serve us.


We are Tech for Justice & PeaceTones

We are Tech for Justice - PeaceTones enables musicians to develop and disseminate their art by bringing crucial legal, technology, and business skills to historically unheard musicians, empowering them as leaders and shapers of positive social change. Photo Credit: Daniel Maissan Photography


Join the movement

Join the movement - Be part of the mission to build global justice and equality through local culture, one musician at a time. Photo Credit: Daniel Maissan Photography

TechforJustice Collaboration Launch Initiative

Join us at the TechforJustice Collaboration Launch Initiative – it will be a one day (un)conference aimed at building “Justice Layer of the Internet”, a global marketplace accessible to anyone with a mobile device and a secure and trusted digital identity!

Digital identity for refugees

Changing processes that no longer serve the people.


Identity Justice

This project is about making ‘the Invisibles’ visible, through the creation of legal digital identities for stateless refugees utilizing blockchain technology and a self sovereign identity system.

Criminal Justice

The primary goal of Project Tubman is to create a Public defender AI; an open sourced tool that can be used by public defenders to help them defend their clients.

Climate Justice

Featuring Vocal Trash, PeaceTones® is planning a 30 days tour to Liberia, Zambia, Kenya, and Eritrea. The tour will be full of workshops and performances to promote climate justice and human rights.

Legal Justice

It takes everyone’s voice to improve our justice system – those in need – advocates – activists - law students – legal aid – coders - businesses – entrepreneurs – data analysts – shelter workers – government officials – anyone who realizes that it is time to change processes that no longer serve the people.


Changing processes that no longer serve the people!


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