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Identity Justice

Digital identity opens up the door to self-reliance and financial inclusion to disenfranchised populations.

Individuals lacking a recognized form of identification cannot access any social infrastructure such as education, employment and health care, participate in the modern economy, and are at increased risk of human trafficking.

The United Nations recognized identity as a necessary and fundamental human right in Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, which declares that we, as a world society, should aspire to “provide legal identity for all, including birth registration” by 2030.

Our Projects

PeaceTones: Identity for the musician

Enabling fair-trade music economy by providing musicians with the means to receive payments for their work. During the 15 years of supporting musicians in disenfranchised communities, PeaceTones has faced numerous situations when we could not pay the musicians because they lacked identity and a bank account tied to it. No more.

Bee1World: Identity for the students
Bee1World is a youth-led project that utilizes the power of music and film to build skills for employability through collaboration between the US and African continent. It simultaneously addresses Zambia’s need for economic development through digital skilling of youth and creating digital jobs to utilize these skills.


We’re dedicated to promoting and creating legal and economic justice for all people using technology, but as a nonprofit, Institute relies on grant funding and donations from people like you to help us continue our work.

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